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Due to renewal of Green e books, since April 2013 Green e books is no more  second hand foreign bookstore.

Instead we changed into “Mindful Living Store”. Concept is “TO LIVE in the moment mindfully”, So we are selling yoga, meditation, organic, natural ecology minded products.

We are sorry for the sudden changes, also thank you so much for support us for 9years to continue sell foreign books!!!!

Bookstore information

Recycle with Green e Books!

Green e books is a buy used & sell used foreign bookstore. It has been continuing this rare business since 2004. Though we have been adding different elements to our business space (Workshops, seminars, party, yoga related events…) , but the root of our business is always a place to relate through recycling knowledge.

We are one of the very rare secondhand foreign bookstores in Kansai. Only ONE! in Kyoto! Online shopping is easy to search, easy to get exactly what you want, we agree…..! but it’s also sometimes nice to meet actual books and feel their vibrations!
Green e books is a place to recycle your knowledge….

Open hrs 11:00-19:00
Close : Tue & Wed

We buy your books

★Please remember… terms&conditions★

*Notice in advance!!
When you sell more than 50items, please give us a call or e-mail first.
Without notice in advance, we may not be able to accept your sale on that day.

*Please show us your ID

When selling books, we ask that you please show us your ID (anything with your address on it is fine, like a driver’s license, health insurance card, or residence card).

*No value for Dusty books
When you bring books, please clean them. Good condition means, good condition and clean. If your books have stains, writing, blots, tanned pages, or other and bad conditions, we can only take them for free.
Please also check your books before bringing them in. Often we find pictures, utility bills, paycheck details and bank transaction reports. Please protect your privacy.
*No trade, you get credit
We don’t have a system of trade in books. Instead, we give you store credit which you can use in Green e books. The rate is better than cash and also you can save it for THREE MONTHS. Be careful about expiration!
*Any Language
We take books in any language except Japanese.
*Only books, please!
We take only books and recyclable goods.
Please don’t bring us your underwear, shot-glasses and so on.
*No pick up!
We pay only when you bring books to us.

We sell Books!

Used books

Mainly paperbacks, fiction & non-fiction, children’s books, books about Japan, travel guides and magazines. Our bookshelves are mainly filled by people who are mixed nationalities based around the Kyoto area. We have English, French and German. There are a few other minor language books also.
Lonely Planet guide books, Kyoto Journals, massmarket paperbacks, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, Japanese authors, facts about Japan, art books, cooking books…COME SEARCH!

You may find some treasures… ;)

New books

We try searching all over the world!!If you are looking for any specific book, it is possible to get it from another part of the world. Please contact us if you know the name of the book, author, and ISBN number. It is usually possible to get them within two weeks.

Re-make items !

We usually don’t pay for magazines, but we try to reuse the paper, so if you have any magazines you would like to get rid of, please bring in to support our recycle project. We make them into paper bags, folders, cd-papercases,etc.Thank you for your cooperation.
Cool Recycle! Green e books.

Custom is the great guide of human life.

- David Hume